Departmental Organisation & Staffing

Every Hotels and restaurants have different organization structured to be followed depending upon the size of organization, business turnover, availability of staff.

Hierarchy of different Outlets of food and beverage department.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Food and Beverage Manager

  • Preparation of budget for the department along with consultation of managers of different outlets.
  • Formulating policies for the department
  • Preparing organization structure of the department
  • Planning menus for different outlets in consultation with the outlet managers and the chefs
  • Analyzing sales and marketing for the departments and the f & b outlets  Attends meeting with General Manager of the hotel.
  • Monitoring performance of staff on the various standards to be implemented in outlets.
  • Holds meeting on regular intervals with the outlet’s managers to ensure all activities of operations goes as per planning.
  • Works in consultation with the Human resources department for recruitment, training, development activities for the staff working under the food and beverage department.

Duties and responsibilities of Restaurant Manager

  • Ensures following of service standards by the staff at the restaurant.
  • Conducts service standards and procedures training for the staff working under the restaurant manager.
  • Review financial transactions.
  • Handling of complaints which arises within the restaurant premises.
  • Ensures there is no theft, pilferage, or revenue leakage by the staff during and after operations.
  • Sanctions leave of the subordinate staff.
  • Instruct the supervisors on various new policies, standards, plan of the /day, the event of the day, etc. so that there is a smooth operation during the day.
  • Conducts cost control methods at his/her restaurant.

Duties and Responsibilities of Head Waiter/ Senior Captain

  • Is the in charge of the restaurant in the absence of restaurant Manager
  • Takes guest reservations and handles details of private functions
  • Welcome guests and escorts them to the table with the help of the host/hostess.
  • Closely supervise restaurant service.
  • Resolves guest complaints
  • Checks with chefs on non-availability of dishes at regular intervals and update it to his subordinates.
  • Is responsible for getting all closing duties done along with the reset of tables.

Duties and responsibilities of a Captain/ Station waiter / Chef de Rang

  • Responsible for service of one station ( usually 4 to 6 tablets in a section)
  • Presents menu card to the guest and takes the order.
  • Send steward to fetch food from the kitchen.
  • Maintains records of each guest’s orders, so that the food orders are not mixed up.
  • Places condiments and accompaniments as per the dishes which the guest has ordered.
  • Presents the check to the guest and ensures its settlement.

Duties and responsibilities of a steward/ waiter / Commis de rang

  • Sets the assigned table and ensures the service area is well-staged.
  • Completes the mise en scene and mise en place of the restaurant before the operations start.
  • Carries out the actual service of food and beverage to guests as per standard operating procedures.
  • Clears the soiled plates from the guest tables.
  • Stocks the sideboard all different condiments which is required regularly while guest service.
  • Performs other tasks as directed by seniors.

Attributes of a waiter

  • Personal Hygiene & Grooming – The food and beverage service department staff needs to very hygienic as they are the food handlers. If any staff is not maintaining the hygiene standards, it may lead to guest complaints and bring a bad name to the organization. Staff should bath daily, trim their nail, no nail paints, hairs should be short and well maintain, beard and mustache should be well shaved if kept then well-trimmed and maintained. Brush regularly and other things which help in maintaining the standards of the restaurant. They should also be well-groomed, in clean and tidy uniforms, polished and comfortable shoes, good body odor, etc. Grooming plays a very important role in the hospitality industry.
  • Punctuality – The food and beverage staff should be punctual on their duty timings. If any staff is late, then another staff is asked to do overtime, which leads to poor efficiency of the staff. Even the guest service is hampered if staff comes late on duty.
  • Honesty- Honesty is one of the major attitudes when every human being needs to have. Thus it’s important in each and every industry including the hospitality industry too. If the staff is not honest, that leads to malpractices within the organization. Ultimately guest is the sufferer and which gradually leads to a bad name for the organization along with financial losses.
  • Attitude towards guests – Every restaurant provides service to guests, but providing wow service to guests leaves an impact on guests’ minds, which is the way to satisfied guest service to the guest. Thus the staff working at a restaurant should have an attitude to provide service to guests. Only those staff can provide a wow service to guests who are having a positive attitude towards serving to guests.
  • Sense of urgency – A waiter needs to have an intelligence of knowing the sense of urgency. Service to guests involves multiple tasks and duties to be performed. Thus the waiter should have an idea, as to which last is of priority. Thus he/she should perform the task which needs to be performed first.
  • Product Knowledge – A food and beverage personnel needs to behave knowledge of the products which he is selling/serving to guests. If the server does not have product knowledge, then it would be tough for him/her to explain the dish to the guest and upsell the dish. Thus the steward should know about each and every ingredient which is used in its preparation, the method of cooking adopted, information on the presentation and plating of the dishes. If any historical and religious significance associated with the dish, then knowledge of this information really works great while the product up for sale.
  • Local Knowledge – Most of the restaurants have dinners that are visitors to the city. Thus many a time guest tries to enquire about the local tourist attractions, local transport facilities, they ask for a recommendation on things which we suggest them to visit or try at the city. Thus it is very important for a waiter to have local information knowledge.
  • Memory – Restaurant operations are very quick and involve lots of information to be passed and shared. Thus a good memory is required by restaurant staff. Multiple guests come to the restaurant to dine and they have multiple dishes on order at different time intervals, thus if staff is not having a good memory he is confused and serves wrong food orders to guest, which would lead to guest dissatisfaction.
  • Team Spirit – Multiple staff works together in a restaurant, all having different mind-set, thus it is important to have a good team spirit to maintain a harmonious relationship with each and every staff.
  • Communication Skill – Good communication skill is required in each and every industry, but it’s of prime importance at the hospitality industry. In the restaurant business, we are supposed to communicate with guest every minute, we are in front of the house, who gets an opportunity to interact with the guest. Thus good communication skill is a very important skill which is present in any waiter.

Inter Departmental Relationship with food and beverage service department


Food Production

  • Guest food order is shared with chefs for food preparations.
  • Cooked food is picked up from the kitchen.
  • If any guest special requests, then the information is shared with the chefs.
  • Garde Manger – cold dishes like salads, cold meats, etc.
  • Pantry – Sandwiches, Fruits, Juices, etc.
  • Hot Kitchen – Hot food on the menu are prepared
  • Bakery & Confectionery – Cakes, Pastries, ice creams, etc.

Kitchen stewarding

  •  Supplies, cutleries, crockeries, glassware sect are required for service at restaurants.
  • Responsible for washing soiled service wares.
  • Maintains inventory records of all service equipment.

Front Office

  •  All bills of resident’s guest are given to the front office department for charging the guest.
  • Communication relating to the status of guest residing can be obtained from FO.

House Keeping

  • Responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic standard of the F & B Outlets.
  • Deals with service staff uniforms, restaurant linens, and flower arrangements required at outlets.


  • F & B outlets pick up their requirement like condiments, liquor bottles, stationery, etc. from the store.
  • Everything which is required by F & B Outlets can be indented from the store at the hotel.
  • Staff recruitment and transfer.
  • Staff training as per the SOP of the organization.
  • Maintaining staff salaries and wages.
  • Addressing indiscipline issues.

Food and

Beverage Control

  • It regulates the revenue and expenditure of the department.
  • It analyses sales Mix, Beverage cost, Food Cost, etc.
  • Conducts audits.
  •  Responsible for designing and implementing sales/promotional activities for the F & B department.



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