Front Office Abbreviation & Glossary

Front Office Abbreviation & Glossary

IATA = International Air Transport Association

IAPA = International Airlines Passengers Association

HSE = Hotel Safety Executive

IAAI = International Airlines Authority of India

AAI = Airport Authority of India

POS = Point of Sales

UM = Under Maintenance

VAT = Value Added Tax

NCR = National Cash Register

GIT = Group Inclusive Tour or Group Inclusive tariff

FIT = Free Individual Traveller

FFIT = Foreign Free Individual Traveller

DFIT = Domestic Free Individual Traveller

GRC = Guest Registration Card

CVGR = Company Volume Guaranteed Rate

ITDC = India Tourism Development Corporation

KSTDC = Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation

EMT = Early Morning Tea

LT = Luxury Tax

HET = Hotel Expenditure Tax

SC = Service Charge

ST = Sales Tax

FHRAI = Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India

HRACC = Hotel & Restaurant Approval Classification Committee

EB = Extra Bed

TA = Travel Agent

EM = Executive Manager

GM = General Manager

CIP = Commercially Important Person

FRRO = Foreigner Regional Registration Office

DG = Distinguished Guest

EA = Expected Arrival

ED = Expected Departure

DOA = Date of Arrival

DOD = Date of Departure

CRS = Central Reservation System

IRS = Instant Reservation System

GDS = Global Distribution System

SB = Scanty Baggage

HC = House Count

NRR = Net Room Revenue

ARR = Average Room Revenue

GRR = Guest Room Revenue

RevPAR = Revenue per Available room

TAAI = Travel Agents Association of India

HWC = Handle with Care

DT = Domestic tourist

IT = International Tourist

AV = Allowance Voucher

GWB = Guest weekly bill

BTC = Bill to company

RR = Rack Rate / Room Rate

V = Vacant

O = Occupied

R = Revenue

DL = Double Lock

OOO = Out of Order

PBX = Private Branch Exchange

EPABX = Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

STD = Subscriber Trunk Dialling

ISD = International Subscriber Dialling

CAS = Call Accounting System

DND = Do not disturb

PCO = Public Call Office

MOD = Manager on Duty

RNA = Room not assigned

FFC = Fruit Flowers and Cookies



The amendment is nothing but the change from the original. Amendment can be preponement or postponement of accommodation, date of check-in or checkout, change of a number of persons who will be occupying the room.

Amendment or revision is basically a combination of two processes i.e. the cancellation of the previous booking and then making of the new booking. Amendments can be for earlier dates or for later dates or change in the duration of stay or change in the type of accommodation required


Airport Authority of India. The landing, take-off, and security of the aircraft are under this authority which means that the air traffic services like navigational aid, en route in the air for various airlines, are provided by AAI.


The design in which guest rooms overlook the lobby from the first floor to the Roof. The lobby will have a high ceiling and the lobby can be viewed from the guest floors.


A term first used in the early 1980s to denote “extras” placed in guest rooms, such as shampoo, shower cap, and hairdryer. Since then it has come to refer to the wide range of products and services that distinguishes one property from its competitors, such as concierge service, complimentary shoeshine service, use of hotel Limousine during business hours. According to the VIP level, fruits, flowers, cookies, soft drinks, nut platter, etc also are provided to the guests.


American Plan includes room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (three meals). Sometimes early morning tea is also included. This plan is also called En Pension or Full Board.


Hotels that are situated at the airport and are ideal for transit passengers who have only a few hours in the city making it impossible for them to stay in a downtown hotel. Rates are on European Plan i.e. charges for Room only.


Service sometimes offered by hotels free for guests, providing transportation to and/or from the airport either on-demand or according to frequent schedule. Hotel-owned limousines or courtesy vehicles often transport guests between the hotel and the airport. Guests always enjoy significant cost savings and convenience from such arrangements. Airport Representatives of the concerned hotel coordinates such arrangements.


Bermuda Plan includes Room and American Breakfast (Continental breakfast and Eggs to order)


A blacklist is a list authorized by the Hotel Management of the names of all persons not welcome in the hotel. This can also be a list of guests who have patronized the hotel previously at the venue but are now banned from doing so maybe because they were drunk or displaying undesirable behavior or unsatisfactory credit record.


A term used for a reservation for several people at the same time, normally on the same rate e.g. tours, groups, or conference delegations. (or) An agreed-upon number of rooms set aside for members of a group planning to stay at a hotel.


Heavy checkout and check-in on the same day relating to tours and groups. As one group leaves another arrives.


Budget Hotels provide cheaper, cleaner and inexpensive, and more basic guest rooms, often with limited food and beverage services. Budget hotels are also called economy hotels appeal to budget-minded travelers who travel on limited funds.


The refusal of a guest with a reservation and subsequent placement of the guest to another hotel. This situation happens in a hotel at the time of overbooking.


The refusal of a guest with a reservation due to an error in planning by the hotel. This occurs in a hotel when more bookings are taken than the rooms are available.


This meal is provided between breakfast and lunch often accompanied by Champagne.


Check-in is the arrival of the guest who registers himself at the Reception. The registered guests are assigned accommodation by way of providing room keys to the guest along with the resident card.


The procedure of settling the hotel account on the departure of a guest or the guest who settles the account deposits the room key and leaves the hotel. By checkout process, the guests terminate their status as resident guests of the hotel. The goal of checkout activity in hotels is to accomplish this process.


A commercially important person. CIPs basically comprise of business travelers who frequent the hotel, tour leaders or tour operators who escort groups to the hotel, or conference organizers who generate business to the hotel.


Crib Rate is the room rate charged to children below 5 years of age. It is less than the rack rate on the actual rate charged to an adult.


Move notification slip shifting from one room to another room.


Company Volume Guaranteed Rate. The special rate extended by the hotel based on the volume of booking generated by the potential company in the form of room nights. The company takes the responsibility to pay for the no-show guests or company officials even if they do not turn up.


Continental Plan which includes Room and continental breakfast.


The status of the dates for which a reservation system will not accept additional reservations.


An employee whose basic task is to serve as the guest’s liaison with both hotel and non-hotel attractions, facilities, services, and activities. Though the task of the Concierge is of much importance to the guest and the hotel, he cannot be identified under one department. Concierges are certified by the International Association of Concierges known as Les Clef d’Or.


An agreed rate charged for executive/personnel from businesses and corporates, normally regular guests.


Curtailment means that a booking has been made for longer than the guest actually requires the room. Also known as understanding.


Room attached to the swimming pool with one sofa-cum-bed. These rooms are usually separated from the hotel’s main building.


Hotels with gambling facilities may be categorized as Casino Hotels. Casino Hotels attract guests by promoting gaming and entertainment. Casino hotels frequently provide guests with specialty restaurants and extravagant floorshows. Gambling activities at some Casino hotels operate 24 hours a day.


One that caters to business clientele. It is located in the heart of the city within a short distance of the business center, shopping areas, theatres, public and private sector, etc. Rates in these hotels are normally high due to their locational advantage.


Persons who arrive without a reservation and who are not normally regular customers or guests. They are also known as Walkin guests.


Category of a price discount on extra services offered by a hotel or other business in an effort to attract guests traveling on business. The hotel may sign a contract with the potential company so as to generate room nights, rate agreements with validity, and financial responsibilities. Corporate rates are popular in Downtown or business class hotels.


Any multiple ownership arrangements with or without buildings (ownership of trailer spaces and hookups, recreational facilities). Same as Timesharing.


Hotel totally or partly comprised of individually owned condominium units. All or some of the owners have agreed to an arrangement that permits management to offer the units as hotel rooms at specified times of the year in return for the share of the revenue. When appropriate amenities exist, called Resort Condominium.


A hotel owned by or affiliated with other properties. Chain hotels impose certain minimum standards, rules, policies, and procedures on their affiliates. Some chains have strong control over the architecture, management, and standards of their hotels. Chain hotel properties typically encourage guests to plan their stay ahead of time by offering direct communication affiliated properties.


Designated date by which additional specific action must be taken by a person who has reserved a room or faces invalidation of reservation. (or) The date agreed upon between a group and a hotel after which all unreserved rooms in the group’s block will be released back to the general rooms inventory for sale.


Act of transferring a guest’s luggage to a different room while the guest is away.


A room status term indicates that the room will be used for less than an overnight stay.

Rooms that are used for less than an overnight stay. It can be used from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. or 12 noon to 12 midnight but not after midnight.

It is the rate given for half-day or full day time. It can be 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. or 12.00 noon to 12 midnight, but not after midnight.


The hotel offering top facilities with regard to elegance and service.


It is also called Modified American Plan or Half Board. The term Demi Pension includes Room Rent + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner.


It is located in the heart of the city within a short distance of the business center, shopping areas, theatres, public buildings, etc. Rates in these hotels are normally high due to their locational advantage and also due to the fact that the rate of return on investment (ROI) computed on these capital intensive hotels is substantially high. Normally business clientele prefers such hotels.


A Discrepancy report is prepared by the Front Desk on receiving the Room Report from the Housekeeping. The Front Office compares it with the Room Rack for reconciliation of room status. Discrepancies noticed between room rack and housekeeping room report are noted down on a separate report call the ‘Discrepancy Report’, which is then handed over to a bell boy for physical check and reporting back of the room under discrepancy. After a physical check of the room, the Bell Boy notes down the correct status which is accepted by the Front Office and room rack and reconciled accordingly.


Room spread over two floors with interconnecting staircase. Generally, the parlor is at the lower level and bedroom above.


Double Room with one living room.


A room designated to accommodate two, three, or four persons; a room with 2 double beds. Also, called Twin-Double.


It has a double bed or a composite bed meant for two persons.


Another member of the uniformed staff. His place of duty is outside the main entrance of the hotel. He is responsible for the cleanliness and good order of the front entrance of the hotel and the area around it. He opens the car and taxi doors and carries a large umbrella in case it is raining. He may wear a peak cap as part of his uniform. When a car or taxi arrives, he signals to the bell desk to send a bell boy and then opens the door of the car and helps the guest in coming out of the car at the same time the bell boy handles the luggage of the guest. He keeps the unwanted visitors away from the hotel. At the time of departure, he collects the out pass before allowing the luggage of the departure guest to go out of the hotel. His job is to call the taxi for the guest or call for the car of the guest.


Room spread over two floors with interconnecting staircase. Generally the parlous is at the lower level and bedroom above.


Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. This is a type of telephone exchange that has a large number of extensions, each extension has an individual meter. The service connection do not minimize the extensions connecting since these are given no separate working digits. The guests and executives can dial an internal extension and outside calls straight without going through the telephone operator.


The European Plan, which is sometimes abbreviated as EP in hotel listings, indicates that the quoted rate is strictly for lodging and does not include any meals. Any food provided by the hotel is billed separately.


American Plan includes room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (three meals). Sometimes early morning tea is also included. This plan is also called En Pension or Full Board.


The lobby attendant arrival and departure errand card are maintained by the bell boy for each and every arrival and departure. It has details like the name of the bellboy, the name of the guest, the number, and description of the baggage and the signatures of the bell captain and the bellboy. It is a record of all the activities undertaken by the bellboy and helps to control the movement of bellboys.


Foreigners Regional Registration Office. These offices are located in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, and Chennai, and the ‘C’ Form records of foreign guests registered in the hotels are sent to them according to the concerned jurisdiction for review.


FIT is a Free Individual Traveller in Hotel parlance and is any person who makes booking directly with a hotel and not through a travel agent. FITs are usually leisure guests whose purpose of travel is sightseeing and enjoyment.


It is also known as House Limit or Sanctioned Limit. A maximum amount a hotel can accept on a credit card. An amount set by the credit card company.


Rooms ready for sale after going through all reservation charts.


Expectation based on past-present data. Forecasting is a task of the Front Office department that affects other areas of the hotel. Restaurants and other sales outlets will base their expectations of trade on the occupancy forecast produced by the Front Office.


Flash report indicates the breakup of room allocation and revenue thereof.

A Hotel on a ship/cruise.


The delay in payment from an account after using a credit card or personal cheque.


A hotel owner who has access to a national reservation system and receives the benefits of the corporation’s management expertise, financial backing, national advertising, and group purchasing.


A license to operate a hotel using a trademark, training, and operating manuals supplied by a well-known Chain.


Projecting occupancy and room sales for a specific period. Forecasting enables the front desk to maximize revenue and optimize room nights and contribute to yield management.


Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India.


Lobby. Common lounge for all resident and non-resident guests


Provides a wide selection of guest services in addition to accommodation, such as food and beverage, room service, laundry services, etc.


American Plan includes room, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (three meals). Sometimes early morning tea is also included. This plan is also called En Pension.


A Guest record of charges and payments. A form with the hotel’s logo and a control number and allowing space for the room number, guest identification, date in and date out, and room rate in the upper left-hand corner; allows for guest charges to be imprinted with a posting machine and filed in the room number sequence.


A sequence of transactions in the room’s business from reservation through registration to account settlement.


Group inclusive tariff

Group inclusive Tour

Prepaid tour allowing special airfares to a group and requiring that all the members must travel on the same flight round the trip and must travel together during their entire time abroad.

The group of people traveling together on a package arrangement. This means their transport, accommodation, meals (on the plan), or side trips are usually included in the price paid. Everyone will arrive together, eat together, and check out together.


A reservation in which payment for the room is promised even if the guest fails to arrive. Advance booking, with payment guaranteed even if the guest does not arrive unless canceled by the tour operator by a certain date.


Another name for Warning Bulletin supplied by the credit card company. This comprises the list of defaulters authorized by the credit card company.


Modified American Plan or Demi Pension (Room Rent + Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner)


A Room which has two single beds with a single headboard meant for two persons.


An amount set by the hotel allows for a maximum amount of guests charges.


An amount set by the hotel for guest account balances. When an account exceeds the specified amount, the guest’s creditworthiness is checked. Also called the FLOOR LIMIT of the hotel.


Terminology which indicates the availability of guest to enter a room such as OCCUPIED (guest or guests are already occupying a room), STAYOVER (Guest who will not be checking out of a room on current day), ON CHANGE (Guest has checked out of the room, but the housekeeping staff has not released the room for occupancy), OUT OF ORDER (the room is not available for occupancy because of mechanical malfunction) and AVAILABLE (the room is available for a guest to occupy).


Hotel Outward Bound Information Centre


A book that records all the guest’s details under the date of arrival order.


Provides gymnasium, health baths (Jacuzzi, Steam Bath), massages, etc for the purpose of improving health.


A room used by a hotel guest to entertain his own guest and usually charged on an hourly basis.


Hotel and Restaurants Approval Classification Committee. The Committee under the Ministry of Tourism that provides star rating to the hotels according to the facilities and services offered by the hotels.


Whitney Rack kept in the Information Section. Names are in alphabetical order. It is used to help in the delivery of mail, telephone messages, deliveries to guests and to answer inquiries of guests and visitors.


An alphabetic listing of all registered guests, cross-referenced by room number.


A hotel that is not associated with a franchise.


An organizational process to familiarize a new recruit to the organization and workplace.


They are small in size with modest board and lodging facilities. They may be located anywhere within or outside the city. They are the forerunners of the modern motel.


Indian Tourism Development Corporation. It came into being with effect from March 1970. It is one of the public sector undertakings and its services include transport, accommodation and restaurants, and duty-free shops at International Airports, Sound and Light Shows.


A jet of hot water flows in the tub on all 8 sides.


A card issued to the guest on registration. It displays room number, name, rate, and other relevant details. Used when the guest requests the key.


Electronic Key system made out of plastic, meal or pressed paper key with electronic codes embedded on a magnetic strip.


Guest baggage kept in the custody of the hotel after the guest has checked out which will be later collected by him.


Common Lounge for all resident and non-resident guests. It is also called FOYER


Record of happenings.


Hotel with helipad facility.


Luxury service provided by a hotel whereby only registered guests are permitted access to certain parts of the property (Club Floor).


A storage unit (rack, shelf, drawer) for the guest room key. Often combined with Mail Rack


A bed that is hinged at the base of the headboard and swings up into the wall for storage; another name for this type of bed is SICO (or) A bed that folds into the wall or appears to be a sideboard when stowed away.


This term is derived from the phrase, ‘motor hotels’, which are located principally on highways. They provide modest board and lodging to highway travelers. The length of the stay is usually overnight, thus rates quoted are on European Plan i.e. room only.


The reservation that fails to arrive.


The status of a guest room recently vacated but not yet ready for a new guest.


Status of room wherein a reservation is made subject to confirmation at a later date.


Accepting reservations for more rooms than are available by forecasting the number of no-show reservations, stayover, understands, and walk-ins with a goal of attaining 100% occupancy (or) Term meaning to accept more rooms than there are available. This is done to ensure 100% occupancy, allowing for cancellation, no-shows, and early departures.


The status of a guest room that is not available for sale because of planned work or an unexpected problem.


Term meaning rooms are available for letting.


A house or room on the roof or top floor of a tall building or hotel or terrace level, one side may be open to the sky.


Room and meal package


‘Paging’ is the system of displaying the name of the guest on a small board with a long handle. The board ID held above the head of the bell boy and has small bells which are rung to draw the attention of customers to the board. When a phone call is received for a guest in a specified location, this paging system is used to contact guests The bell boy does the paging in most public areas especially the lobby.


  1. A Sitting room that is part of a suite. In emergencies, parlors can serve as extra bedrooms 2) A guest room with a hideaway bed, giving the room the appearance of a sitting room.


Room suitable for occupancy for four persons.


A charge levied on an individual guest or group for default in the reservation or stay

What is ROOM RACK?

Whitney Slips placed in Whitney Rack in the Reception (or) Whitney Racks maintained at a reception in the chronology of room numbers.


Information about guests may be required by the hotel or police at any time. The hotel arrival-departure register which is also known as Red Book or F Form is one of the most important documents. It also fulfills the legal requirements that each guest must be registered. Guest signatures are important as it signifies his consent to abide by the rules and regulations of the hotel and at the same time is a proof of his stay in the hotel from a particular date to another date (in large hotels these days an individual card called Guest Registration Cards are used)

What is RACK RATE?

Rack rate is also called printed tariff reflected in the tariff card without discount (or) The standard rate quoted from the room rack; the published rate that is posted in each guest room.


A spare bed that can be wheeled into a room


The current condition of a guest room: vacant, occupied, checkout, or out of order


This type of hotel is located in the hills or at beaches. It is mainly patronized by vacationers. Basic facilities are provided and the rates offered are often on American Plan, i.e. room plus all meals included.


Hotels on wheels are called Rotels (.e.g. Palace on Wheels)


A Skipper is a person who stays in the hotel and enjoys the facilities provided by the hotel and departs without paying the bills.

What is a SLEEPER?

A Room that appears to be occupied although it is vacant due to an error in room status reporting at the Desk.

Name three categories that indicate the STATUS BOARD AT RESERVATIONS?

Sold Out, On Request, Free Sale (Open).


A guest who departs secretly, without intention to pay.


A means of tracking how reservations were made or how a guest arrived at the hotel.


A notation used on internal written communications, such as a reservation or registration, to alert the staff to any special service required for this guest. The SPATT would have to be specified (e.g. required wheelchair access, needs a non-allergic pillow, inform manager upon arrival)


Located in the suburbs, it has the advantage of quieter surroundings. Rates quoted are moderate to low. Such hotels are ideal for budget travelers and also organizations who find the quiet setting ideal for conferences, seminars, educational programs, etc.


Two rooms inter-connected with one room as the living room and the other as a bedroom. More facilities are offered e.g. Mini Bar, Pantry. It can also have one or more bedrooms. The dimension of the rooms is usually large.


System of cleansing one’s body through perspiration by dry heat.


Room with one bed and a sofa-cum-bed


A large room with a partition separating the living room from the bedroom.


A short-term guest, one who stops while en-route to other destinations.


It is a modern version of residential hotels and is composed of owner-leased units.


Guests who arrive on time but decide to leave before their predicted date of departure.


To suggest and sell rooms more than the guest’s expectation. Also, to sell more facilities and get more revenue for the hotel.


To move guests into a higher-priced room category, while still charging the lower rate.

What is VALET?

Another member of uniformed staff in the Hotel. Laundry attendant who receives and delivers guests’ laundry. (or) Special services such as dry cleaning, ironing, and mending. His position may be small but is of great importance.


Any gesture gave complimentary to a guest by the hotel management.


Optional service offered by the Hotel wherein an employee parks the car and returns it to you when requested.

What is WALK-IN?

A ‘walk-in’ in hotel terminology is a person who checks in to a hotel without prior reservation. He is registered into the hotel if rooms are available.


Names and telephone numbers of guests who wish to make a reservation for a sold-out date. If a vacancy occurs, the guest is contacted.


Offering accommodation at another hotel to a guest who has a reservation when your hotel is overbooked.


Turning away a guest who holds a confirmed reservation because of the lack of available rooms. This may involve paying for the guest’s accommodation at another hotel.


Another name for Hot List. A periodic publication issued by credit card companies. It contains a number of Credit Cards that have been canceled for various reasons including loss of theft. No inference as to credit rating must be drawn from the appearance of a number in this bulletin. Also called cancellation bulletin or card recovery bulletin. All are being superseded by telephone linked authorization terminals called EDC (Electronic Data Couture)


A period publication issued by credit card companies. It contains a number of cards that have been canceled for various reasons, including loss or theft. No inference as to credit rating must be drawn from the appearance of a number in this bulletin. Also called: Cancellation bulletin or Card Recovery Bulletin. All are being superseded by telephone linked authorization terminals called EDC.


A person who leaves the hotel without paying for their account. They are also known as Skipper.

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