Definition –It belongs to lipids groups. We found triglycerides in foods. It converts to Glycerid & carboxylic acid. it’s made from Carbone hydrogen & oxygen. the most source is providing energy i.e 9 kcal/gm. it’s aster of carboxylic acid & glycerol.

The lipids that are important to our health are carboxylic acid, fats, oils, phospholipids, sulpholipids& sterol.

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Classification of Fat


 Saturated fatty acids – These are found in animal food like meat, fish, fixings etc.No no covalent bond, solid in nature. For example- stearic, palmitic, butyric, etc. A maximum of 10 percent of our total calories should come from our total calories.

Unsaturated carboxylic acid – One, two, or more double bonds, liquid in nature.

it’s classified into TWO –

  • MUFA– example monounsaturated fatty acid & has one covalent bond .found within the groundnut, olive oil; vegetable oil, etc. they will help to lower the blood cholesterol level.
  • PUFA – example- linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic acid has two or more double bonds. they assist in lowering blood cholesterol levels & prevent atherosclerosis & coronary heart diseases.

Essential Fatty Acid: Polyunsaturated carboxylic acid can’t be synthesized in our body. we’ve got to require it through our diet. Example- linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic acid.

oil, olive oil, walnut oil


It’s a fat-like substance present in food. it’s different in structure from triglycerides. it’s present all told cells of the body & in large amounts within the brain & nerve tissue. The diseases related are cardiovascular disorders. the conventional glucose level are going to be 200mg/100ml of blood.

Human get cholesterol from- • Synthesis of liver • Food rich in cholesterol

Functions of cholesterol are –

  • It is that the precursor of all storied hormones
  • A precursor of Vit D, 7- dehydrocholesterol, is present within the skin which is irradiated by UV ray of sunlight to make D
  • it’s required for the formation of bile
  • It is a necessary component of the plasma membrane.

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