Welcoming A Guest At Hotel

Hotel guests can get a warm feeling from something simple like a smile from the doorman. The question is; “how can you inject the “WOW” factor into a welcome that makes your hotel stand out from the crowd?” People quickly notice when you are not giving them your full attention. It is about greeting them by name, adapting to their mood, and really taking an interest. The use of the guest’s name is crucial. Guests are usually surprised when we know their names.

What to Do Prior to Guests Arrival,

Before guests arrive, it’s important to contact them via email, phone or social media channels to ask if they have any special requirements and the reason for their stay. If you identify any guest preferences then we aim to deliver these. This contact also gives the team an opportunity to tell guests about the other aspects of the hotel, such as specialty restaurants, entertainment spots, etc. Feedback from your guests tells you that your seasonal welcome display is the first thing they notice and that it makes your hotel stand out from the competition.

At The Reception

Make sure the hotel door is opened for the guest by a courteous member of staff who smiles and warmly greets them with a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”. If a guest is staying, escort them to the reception desk and introduce them to the receptionist who will take them through the check-in process without fuss, using their name to build a rapport. The desk should look professional and uncluttered. The receptionist should be able to locate booking details easily, have a room ready and be able to clearly explain how to get there. If your hotel has a concierge team, they should be on-hand to help with luggage.

The following are the best brand standard practices on guest arrival into a hotel

Your pledge: To make guests feel a warm welcomed to the hotel.

  • At the hotel entrance, all guests whether driving or walking are welcomed by the doorman: For instance: “Good morning, welcome to XYZ hotel.”
  • The doorman will open the car door and direct guests accordingly, either to the meeting room’s front desk, restaurants, or any other function, and where necessary the doorman will offer to park the vehicle. While checking in at the hotel front desk, no guest waits longer than 3 minutes in a queue before being served. If the line of guests is long, additional staff will be brought in to assist.
  • Reception – should always be looking up all around the reception foyer and proactively let guests know they will be attended to as soon as possible.
  • Guests will be welcomed, using the name of the hotel and the guest’s name if known.
  • Porters to offer towels and welcome juice as guests fill the registration card.
  • Room type, meal plan, departure date rate, and mode of payment will be confirmed. Front desk staff may choose to “up-sell” guests to possibly a suite depending on the initial requirements.
  • If the guest has previously stayed at the hotel, the team member will express recognition by highlighting some information from the guest’s history, making the guest feel valued and appreciated.
  • The whole check-in process at the front desk should take in the range of 3 minutes.
  • Porters shall be on standby upon completion of check-in to take the guest to their room.
  • The receptionist – the cashier will introduce the porter to the guest i.e. “Mr. XYZ, this is Ms. Somali our porter who will show you to your room.”
  • Porter will acknowledge the guest and offer assistance.
  • The porter will politely ask the guest to identify his luggage.
  • On the way to the room, the porter will point out the F&B Outlets en-route to the room. He will explain to the guest where they can have their meals and drinks, at the same time inform the guest about timing and last order timing to the guest for his/her convenience.
  • The porter on reaching the room will highlight the different facilities and how they function e.g., lighting, air conditioning, the television, and or the fridge.
  • The porter will then wish the guest a pleasant stay and inform him that should he require any assistance he can dial room service extension reception or guest relations (giving extension number where applicable).
  • Guest luggage for groups shall be delivered to the respective room within 5 minutes of the guest check-in.
  • Guest luggage under the hotel’s storage shall be handled with care and safely stored in a neat and orderly manner with security.

Each hotel has a different check-in policy formulated by top management. Some hotels take more time for check-in than the others do. However, as a hotelier, making efforts to value every minute spent by your guest goes a long way.


Step 1: Guest on arrival when he/she approaches the reception on his own, Doormen greets the guest

Standard: Guest reaches the hotel porch 

  • The doorman opens the door with a smile and wishes guests, “Good Morning /Afternoon / Evening, Welcome to the Hotel ABC.

Step 2: Bellboy greets the guest and offers baggage assistance

  • Standard: Bellboy wishes the guest the time of the day and assists him with his baggage. “Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening Sir / Madam, Allow me to take care of your baggage”

Step-3: Bellboy confirms the count of baggage


  • Bellboy/Bellhop confirms the number of baggage with the guest.
  • Guest approaches the reception

Step-4: Reception greets the guest and offers assistance


  • The reception associate wishes the guest, “Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening, Welcome to The Hotel ABC Sir / Madam. How may I assist you?”

Step-5: Reception offers seat assistance (if the provision is there), makes the guest comfortable, and requests his last name.


  • Reception Associate: “Please make yourself comfortable, May I request you for your Last name under which the reservation is being made”
  • Guest: I am Mr. Singh.

Step-6: Receptionist takes out the Guest Registration Card (GRC) of the guest

Standard: The receptionist will then take out the Guest Registration Card of Mr. Singh and handover to the guest to request to fill it up.

  • In case he/she is a repeat guest reservation will keep a pre-filled GRC ready to make the registration process shorter and faster.
  • In case the guest is coming to the hotel for the first time receptionist will request the guest to fill up the GRC

Step-7: The guest registration card will have the following details taken at the time of reservation

  • Standard: 
  • Guest Name
  • Guest Co. Name
  • Nationality
  • No. of pax
  • Guest Arrival and Expected Departure date
  • Arriving from and forwarding to address
  • Guest room category ( booked for)
  • Guest room rate
  • Guest credit card details
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue
  • Place of issue
  • Date of arrival in India
  • Proposed duration of stay in India
  • Whether employed in |India
  • Guest contact details etc.

Note: Registration card is printed on arrival if the reservation is made on the same day


  • The guest registration card is to be printed on arrival if the registration card is not printed earlier, which may happen if the reservation is made on the same day

Step-8: Guest registration formalities


  • The receptionist completes the guest registration formalities.

Step-9: Programming of guest room key

Standard: The receptionist will then make the key for Mr. Singh.

  • Keys are pre-prepared in case it’s a repeat guest.

Step-10: Bellboy/Guest relations to escort the guest to his room

Standard: The receptionist will introduce Mr. Singh to the Bellboy/ Guest Relation Executive (GRE) and request her to escort Mr. Singh to his room “Mr. Singh, our Bellboy/ GRE Ms. Komal will escort you to your room.”

  • Usually, Bellboy may escort a guest to his/her room, but in the case of VIP, a GRE is assigned with the duty of escorting the guest to his/her room.
  • Many hotels may have a separate elevator for the bellboy/bellhop to take the luggage up to the guest room.

Step-11: Wish guest a pleasant stay


  • The receptionist wishes Mr. Singh a very pleasant stay “Mr. Singh, have a pleasant stay with us”

Step-12: Delivery of guest baggage to the room


  • The receptionist will inform the bellboy of Mr. Singh’s room number for baggage delivery

Step-13: Wish guest a pleasant stay


  • The receptionist wishes Mr. Singh “Have a pleasant stay with us”

Step-14: On multiple Check-In


  • In case of multiple check-ins, Guest Relations Executive (GRE) will request the guest to identify his baggage and informs the same to bell boy before proceeding to his room

Welcome KIT for Arrivals


Preparation of welcome KIT for all arrivals is part of guest pre-registration activity. This is to make sure that the welcome KIT has everything that the guest requires while checking in to the hotel. Moreover, to ensure a smooth overall check-in experience at the time of guest registration.

  1. Welcome KIT should be prepared in advance and be given to every guest on arrival.
  2. Ensure that the welcome kit folder and trays are available.
  3. Ensure that welcome kit folders and trays are clean with no stains or folds.
  4. Ensure that each welcome folder has a personalized Welcome Letter in it. Taking into consideration the nationality and language of the guest.
  5. Ensure that the welcome folder contains the local ferry, tour bus timings, local map, places of interest, etc. enclosed in it if applicable.
  6. Make sure that the key cards are clean and without any stains or marks on them.
  7. Preprint the Registration card and keeps keys ready along with the welcome folder.
  8. Encode Key cards according to the occupancy of the reservation. For interconnecting and suite rooms encode two sets of key cards.
  9. Meal coupons and vouchers to be kept ready according to the package booked by the guest on the welcome folder. (Take into consideration guest’s occupancy, meal plan booked while preparing coupons)
  10. Check if the room allocation is done according to the guest reservation requests and guest preferences.
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